Signatone CM300 Transfer Station



The Signatone transfer station is currently located in the Hone lab.

The Signatone CM300 is used as a transfer stage to manipulate 2D materials and fabricate 2D heterostructures inside the glovebox’s inert environment. The typical application of this tool is encapsulation of air sensitive samples and devices inside the glovebox’s inert environment.

The transfer station is equipped with external electronic control of all working parameters including xy motion of the wafer stage, xyz motion of the optical microscope, xyz motion of the transfer arm manipulator, and temperature control of the wafer stage. The transfer arm micro manipulator has ~1um precision in the xy plane. The temperature controller is a West Bond stage heater capable of heating samples up to 200C and maintaining temperatures with an internal PID feedback loop with a precision of ~0.1C.

For more information please contact Dr. Daniel Paley.