1. Before registering to 'Badger' please subscribe to our Newsletter

2. Fill out 'Badger Account Form' and send it to

3. Install and Log-in to Badger system (Java 1.8 version is required): 

Badger Instructions (pdf)

and download the app here:   


When you enter the PI Account number make sure it is in this format: 

Unit Department PCBusUnit Project Activity Initiative Segment


COLUM 1234567 SPONS GG123456 01 12345 SMITH1

COLUM 1234567 GENRL UR123456 01 00000 00000000  

You can search your PI name in the system by the 2 first letters of the last name.

Once your account is activated you'll receive an email confirmation.

To view equipment status, tool reservations, and shutdowns please see the dashboard page.


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