The FEI Nova Nano SEM (located in the clean room) uses the Nanometer Pattern Generation System for Electron Beam Lithography Writing. An SEM lithography system is a tool which can be used in a wide variety of applications. The basic lithography process allows patterns to be defined on a flat surface. The subsequent processing, such as metal evaporation or etching, will determine the final structure. NPGS is unique in that it provides a very flexible system which is ideally suited to the wide range of activities in basic research and R&D activities. Examples of some of the structures made with NPGS include: single electron devices, quantum chaos devices, quantum dots, tunnel junctions, one and two dimensional metal wires/films, linear/circular gratings, surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, split gate devices, as well as "larger" structures such as micromechanical devices, waveguides, and bonding pads. Since NPGS is so versatile, it is well suited for use in almost any application that can be done with e-beam lithography. The primary exceptions are structures covering large areas which require the capabilities of a multi-million dollar beam writer. However, in some cases, the many advanced features of NPGS allow it to be used to fabricate structures that are more difficult to make on an expensive beam writer.

For additional information about the FEI E-Beam Writer, please contact James Vichiconti at jv2534@columbia.edu or contact the clean room staff at cnicleanroom@columbia.edu.