Please read the access protocol described in the steps below. Upon completing these steps, should any questions remain, contact Dr. Amirali Zangiabadi (az2476@columbia.edu).

1) Subscribe to our newsletter to get updates and news on the Electron Microscopy Laboratory as well as the other CNI labs. 

2) Take the following safety classes in ‘Rascal’ website:

Laboratory Safety/Chemical Hygiene/Hazardous Waste/Laboratory Fire Safety Training - online class (Rascal website class: TC0950)

Bloodborne Pathogen and Biosafety Training - online class (TC0509) -- only for TEM and sample preparation lab access (not required for Zeiss SEM).

Initial Radiation Safety Training (TC1750 and TC2950) - only for TEM and sample preparation lab access (not required for Zeiss SEM).

Morningside, Havemayer Building https://research.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/content/EHS/Training/TrainingMS.pdf

Medical Center: https://research.columbia.edu/sites/default/files/content/EHS/Training/TrainingMC.pdf

3) Send your class certificate to Dr. Amirali Zangiabadi <az2476@columbia.edu> from Rascal web-site

4) Open a Badger account prior to your first training session. More information on Badger and download instructions can be found here.

5) If requesting TEM or sample preparation training please complete the training request form at:


For Zeiss SEM training please contact the Zeiss superusers or fill in the Zeiss SEM training request form.

6) If requesting a service please complete the service request form at:


7) You may enter the Electron Microscopy Laboratory when accompanied by a mentor from your Research Group. In addition you may enter the laboratory with a member of the EM staff. Until you have completed steps 1 to 4 of this protocol and have gained access through the Staff, you are not permitted to enter the laboratory on your own under any circumstance. Please read our Training and Certification policy.

8) After you have completed all the above requirements, you will gain access to the EM laboratory. However in order to use a specific instrument, you must be certified on that specific piece of equipment. For certification and more information or help in getting certified on the equipment, please contact Dr. Amirali Zangiabadi for help.

A Certificate of Fitness is required for after-hours use of the Electron Microscopy Laboratory.

Electron Microscopy Hours of Operation:

Regular hours: Monday through Friday 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM