FEI Talos combines outstanding high-resolution S/TEM and TEM imaging with industry-leading energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy signal detection and chemical characterization with composition mapping. A new ASTAR system (NanoMegas) is installed and operational for crystal phase and orientation mapping (with the resolution of 2 nm). Authorized users may use our SOP for ASTAR operation. For training on the TEM please contact Dr. Amirali Zangiabadi or fill in the TEM training request form. Authorized users may use our SOP.

To learn more about the theory behind the TEM techniques, it is recommended to review the book Transmission Electron Microscopy by Williams and Carter.

Check out the Electron Microscopy lab Video (credit: Prof. Barmak).

Key features and specifications of the microscope (flyer):

  • Maximum accelerating voltage of 200 kV

  • Constant power A-TWIN objective lens

  • X-FEG field emission source; brightness 1.8×109 A/cm2 srad (at 200 kV)

  • Total beam current >50 nA

  • Probe current, 0.4 nA in 0.31 nm probe (at 200 kV), 1.5 nA at 1.0 nm probe (at 200 kV)

  • Super X-EDS system (energy dispersive spectroscopy); 4 Silicon drift detectors (SDD) symmetric design, windowless, shutter protected

  • Energy resolution £ 136 eV for Mn-Ka and 10 kcps (kilo counts per second output)

  • Fast EDS mapping; pixel dwell time down to 10 ms (up to 105 spectra/sec)

  • VeloxTM S/TEM for improved imaging with a drift corrected frame integration (DFCI) engine

  • STEM high angle annular dark field (HAADF) resolution (nm) 0.16

  • EDX solid angle (srad) 0.9

  • TEM information limit (nm) 0.12

  • TEM point resolution (nm) 0.25

  • TEM spherical aberration 1.3mm, STEM spherical aberration 1.0 mm

  • STEM magnification range 150× - 230 M×

  • TEM magnification range 25× - 1.5 M×

  • Camera length (mm) 12-5100

  • Maximum diffraction angle ±12°

  • Maximum tilt angle with double tilt holder ±30°

  • Maximum goniometer (stage) tilt angle ±90°

  • SmartCam digital search and view camera

  • Fully integrated fast detector, Ceta 16 Mpixel CMOS camera with a large field of view and high-read out speed (2 frames per second (fps) at 4K and 18 fps at 1K)

  • Piezo stage

  • Full remote operation with automatic aperture system in combination with the Ceta camera