Below you will find several forms for placing orders, requesting reimbursements and more.

Travel & Business Expense Reimbursement Form (excel)          
CNI Travel Request Form
Purchasing and Order Request Training Document (PDF)           
Sole/single justification form (doc)
Certificate of Insurance (doc)
Asset form (pdf)
Laser registration form (doc)
Change order request memo (doc)
Bi-weekly Hours Sheet for CISE Temporary Employees (PDF)
Bi-weekly Hours Sheet for CISE Temporary Employees (XLSX)
CISE Shipping Form (UPS / FedEx Charge Authorization)
PARKING REQUESTS: Departmental Daily Parking Request Form    

Please submit any travel request on the following page: CNI Travel Request.

Please submit the completed parking request form to

Poster Printing Requests: CNI is experiencing increased demand for poster printing. In order to account for the time and resources required to fulfill these requests, CNI is implementing a $70 charge (plus $20 per additional copy) for all poster printing requests not related to a CNI-managed project. To submit your request, please download the CNI Poster Printing Request form (PDF), follow the instructions outlined and submit your request to Note that no poster will be printed without a valid chart string.


For more information, please direct your questions to