In addition to assisting with grant creation for proposals, CNI also provides a number of grant budget planning services, including:

  • Creating budgets for scopes within multiple PI Grants and implementing these with OPG for each funding increment
  • When necessary, rebudgeting between scopes to meet program/scope needs within financial constraints
  • Providing reports and justifications for reporting purposes to demonstrate adherence to grant budgets.


  • CNI provides financial reports utilizing data from Columbia's ARC system.
  • One of the center's primary functions is to provide all Principal Investigators with financial reports on a monthly basis. These reports are provided by Kim Pacanovsky and Elizabeth DeMissie.
  • Generally, the center distributes reports to each PI of his/her funding sources and summary payroll statement. Detailed statements, data feeds, and many specialized custom reports are available.


CNI assists with the coordination of proposals and reports that meet the scientific missions of the department. Activities include:

  • assembling, coordinating and typing scientific information
  • proofreading
  • word processing
  • editing
  • submission via RASCAL for Dean’s approval.
  • transmission to the Office of Projects and Grants.
  • submission via FASTLANE to NSF, IIPS for DOE, or other submission programs/processes, specific to potential funders.


  • Principal Investigators are responsible for coordinating the scientific pieces of any reports due to the funder.
  • CNI provides financial budgets and other report requirements (e.g. Cost Sharing) which should be reviewed by the PI for consistency with the report.
  • CNI can assist with checking reports for adherence and guidance.
  • CNI can assist with compiling data, like Principal Investigators' bios or completed and pending supports if needed.
  • CNI will submit applicable sets of copies of the report to all relevant parties (i.e., Funders, The Office of Projects and Grants, Principle Investigators)
  • CNI maintains a paper and electronic archive of reports submitted.

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