Permanent equipment includes items that total over $5,000 and have a life expectancy of two years and over. Remember these orders go to the purchasing department for approval in addition to the other approval process.


The Laboratory Manager orders any specialty gases and all gases used in the Clean Room. He/she also installs the gases and makes sure that there are no leaks or other safety hazards. Give any specific instructions as to where the gas cylinder should be delivered. If gas is hazardous, please indicate on the order form. These gas purchase items are prohibited to be delivered to the CNI office. You must notify the lab directors once a dewar/cylinder is empty. Rental fees are charged on a monthly basis. If you frequently order gases from the same company, we recommend a contract PO for you which commits a dollar value to a Principal Investigator's account that allows the group to place orders thereafter without other intermediation. For more information, please direct your questions to Joseph Gaston or at cise@columbia.edu.