SORVALL MT-2B Ultramicrotome



The Sorvall MT-2B Ultramicrotome is used to produce ultrathin sections of specimens for light or electron microscopy. The microtome is capable of cutting sections in the range of 10 nm to 4µm.

This instrument can either be used manually or automatically by using the motor drive. The duration control determines the length of the stroke at the preset cutting speed. You can find the manual here.


Control Specifications

Manual Mechanical Stage Advance:
Coarse advance:                       20 mm
Fine advance:                            100 µm

Automatic Advance:
Variable:                                   10 nm to 4 µm
Limit of advance:                      85 µm at 50 nm per section
                                                 150 µm at 4 µm per section

Cutting Speed:
Variable between 0.09 mm/s to 3.2 mm/s in motor driven mode; manual mode speed variable by hand wheel revolutions.

Sectioning Rate:
Duration Control:                     2 mm to 10 mm
Range (at 2 mm duration setting): 4 sections/min at speed 0.1 mm/s to 15 sections/min at speed 3.0 mm/s

Knife Adjustment:
Longitudinal:                              20 mm
Lateral:                                       12 mm

Specimen Orientation:
Around central axis:                360˚
Vertical from central axis:        20˚
Knife stage rotation:                30˚

For more information on the Microtome or for training please contact Dr. Amir Zangiabadi at