The spin processor housing has been machined from solid virgin grade materials which do not degrade or generate particles. The bowl-shaped interior forces fluid downward where it is routed directly to the rear drain. The upper plenum closes inside the base providing an overlapping seal. A proprietary motor seal protects the motor and control electronics from chemical contamination. This unique seal has proven to be sub-micron particle-free during field testing. Nitrogen purged process chamber is standard.

After a substrate is loaded on to the chuck, vacuum hold-down is engaged from the side mounted control panel and the lid closed, a preprogrammed process is selected and then initiated by only a few keystrokes.

This model has been precisely machined from solid natural Polypropylene (NPP). Polypropylene is nearly impervious to all chemical attack. The clear flat or domed lid is ECTFE. ECTFE coated 316 Stainless Steel screws are used in some non-wetted areas. All of our systems are considered metal-free therefore compatible with solvents, strong bases and acids even HF, HBr, HCl etc.
An interlock prevents rotation without the vacuum switch being engaged and the door closed. PTFE will not support combustion if ignited.

he following spin-on materials are supplied by the clean room:

S1811 | S1813 | S1818 | 950 PMMA A2 | 950 PMMA A4 | 950 PMMA A6 | 495 PMMA A2 | 495 PMMA A4 | 495 PMMA A6 | LOR 3A | LOR3B | LOR 5A | SPR 220 4.5

The same process can not be run inadvertently on the same substrate. When a process completes, "END" is displayed and must be cleared by opening the door (presumably to change substrates) or changing programs. This feature is easily bypassed if an operator does want to run the same process twice.

When in program mode (with safety interlocks satisfied), any step can be viewed, changed, or activated. This feature, exclusive to Laurell spin processors, allows for a real "hands-on" manual feel to program writing and interrogation. This ability also gives the process engineer a way to actually see immediately what is happening by single stepping the program toggling functions on and off at will until the desired result is achieved.



Injection port - 0.75" (~19 mm) diameter opening in center of clear ECTFE lid - ideal for manual dispense (domed lid option available in lieu of flat standard lid)


  •         Real-time display of all program functions
  •         20 program / 51 steps per program memory storage on each controller
  •         Permanent (non-volatile) setup and program storage
  •         Digital readout of closed loop speed control - control resolution is < 0.5 RPM.
  •         Repeatability specification is <0.5 RPM with no accumulation of error
  •         Acceleration/deceleration rate programmable in every step
  •         Vacuum and lid interlocks - display of actual vacuum at the wafer (will not allow rotation if hold-down force is insufficient) the set point is user adjustable.
  •         Energy saving automatic shutdown after 10 minutes of non-use
  •         Step time from 0.1 seconds to 99 minutes 59.9 seconds
  •         Selectable skip-step (to quickly move forward in the process while it is running)
  •         Password protected feature (to disallow program alteration by others)
  •         Standard communications port for use with optional SPIN-2000 software for a Windows PC...upload, download, monitor and now initiate start / stop.

The totally unique operator interface panel has an easily read back-lighted information display with function-oriented membrane keypad.

Programming is no more than pushing a few arrow keys while viewing the parameters change. A program can be selected and initiated with as few as two keystrokes. Each program step includes: time, speed, and an acceleration or deceleration rate. Interlocks insure that vacuum hold-down is activated before any program is run and cannot be disengaged until the wafer comes to a complete stop. A lid interlock disallows motor rotation and valve actuation if the lid is open. A design feature is also included to avoid accidentally re-running a process on the same wafer but can be easily bypassed if necessary

The process controller was designed by LTC specifically for this application, and therefore is very easy to program and use. By holding the processor in program mode a completely manual operation can be achieved for a real "hands-on feel". This functionality is helpful for setting up experiments where adjustments cannot be made dynamically.

For additional information about the Laurell Spin Coater, please contact James Vichiconti at