Reynoldstech Hoods and Spinners




These solvent compatible hoods and built in spinners were built by ReynoldsTech. Up to 10 recipes can be stored at any time and up to 100 data files can be stored in each recipe (1000 different files). Chucks of different sizes are available. They are for the general use and cannot be taken out of the clean room (enforced by cameras). Spinner 3 in Hood 3 is dedicated to negative resists, SU8 and LOR processes. Spinners 1 and 2 in Hood 1 are dedicated for the rest of the standard photoresist processes (note lists on the spinners). The Laurel station is dedicated to non-standard materials. Hot plates are available to use inside the hoods. Some hot plates have pre-set temperatures for higher thermal stability and process reproducibility. Resist data sheets are located inside SOP folder in the clean room.

The photoresists supplied by the clean room are:

  • S 1805, S 1811 and S 1818

  • 495 PMMA A11, and A4

  • 950 PMMA A11 (Anisole is available for dilution)

  • LOR 5A, 3A, and 1A, LOR 30B

  • SU8 3005, 3010, and 3050

  • maN-2403 (on-hold until requested. Please send requests to clean room staff)

  • ZEP 520A (will be discontinued)

  • N-LOF 2020

  • SPR 220-7.0

  • SPR 220-4.5

Bringing in photoresists or chemicals into the cleanroom requires specific approval by the clean room staff. For resist questions or requests please email Dr. Jen Yu at

For additional information about the ReynoldsTech spinners and hoods, please contact Dr. Jen Yu at or email the clean room staff at