Please follow these steps to become an SMCL user:

1. Subscribe to this email list: for general CNI labs important announcements and news.

2. If you haven't done so, take Columbia's basic lab safety course (TC0950). Training is available 2x per month; check the schedules at both of the following links.

Morningside Campus:

Medical center:

3. Visit Rascal at and take the radiation safety course TC3400. Download your TC3400 and TC0950 certificates from Rascal; save them as "[your uni]-tc0950.pdf" and "[your uni]-tc3400.pdf". If you have an FDNY C-14 card, take a picture called "[your uni]-c14.jpg". Send these three files to Melody Gonzalez (mg3779) with the title “SMCL access request”. If you don’t have a C-14 card, your access will be 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. Use the hyperlink to get to Rascal website Rascal.

4. Open a Badger account by visiting this link or by following the instructions here.

5. To request training, fill out the training request form: CNI Labs Training Request Form

6. If you would like to store materials in the SMCL, contact Melody Gonzalez (mg3779) to request a storage bin.